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Elephant riding and show at Maesa Elephant Camp

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Only 20 min. drive from Sukantara Cascade Resort, there is one the most popular elephant training center. It is the one that you shouldn’t miss. A lot of fun for yourself and your companion, especially for kids.



Maesa Elephant camp, where you’ll take in a show and see the world famous Elephant’s Painting. Maesa elephant camp is the first training center that could teach elephants to paint. On 19 February 2005, the most expensive painting by an elephant sold for US$39,000. Moreover, you will be surprised with an elephant Football matches consisting of many talented elephant players. The ticket for the show costs about THB 120/ psn.

By the same time, it could be your impression choice if you choose to have an experience to ride the elephants through the jungle to see nearby Long-neck Karen (moutain tribe) village. An entrance fee costs about THB 500/ psn.

Elephant are recognzied as the national animal of Thailand. In May 1998, the Cabinet approved the designation of March 13 as Thai Elephants Day to raise and sustain public awareness of the importance of elephants. Every year on this day Mae Sa elephant camp prepares a “buffet” of fruit and vegetables for about 70 elephants to enjoy. You may enjoy watching them eating the biggest buffet.