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เรื่องเล่าจาก”เจ้าป้า”/Story from “Jao-pa”

地图 苏坎塔拉瀑布度假村及水疗中心, 区地图, 清迈府

เจ้าป้าแห่งสุกันทรา แคสเคด รีสอร์ท Jao-pa @ Sukantara Cascade Resort&Spa








Her Highness Princess Dara Rasmi

dara02A.Maerim, Chiang Mai – The celebration of Her Highness Princess Dara Rasmi Day will be on 8– 9 December 2013 at Dara Pirom Palace, currently as Princess Dara Rasmi Museum in Mae Rim District.


Traditional Styles of Dressing in Lanna Kingdom

Evidence that the Thai people started loincloth in the Chiang Saen period. Appear to have seen the mural at Wat Muang Nan Pomintrs. Chiang San Kingdom is the Origin of Lanna in 17th Century B.E.(12th Century A.D.).


Chiang Mai History

Medium-sized Chiang Mai has long been over shadowed by her much bigger sister to the south, yet in the long view of history, Bangkok has been a relatively recent entry into the annals. Back in the 14th century, when today’s bustling capital was nothing more than a village (if that), the northern kingdom of Lanna (“one million rice fields”) was already the esteemed centre of art, culture and trade in the region. Chiang Mai was its capital.