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Night Walking Streets

Chiang Mai Night Walking Streets

Chiang Mai’s unhurried atmosphere, abundance of temples and friendly folks help make window-shopping without windows an utter joy.


Night Bazaar

Changklan Road. Every night from 5pm-around 10pm
Chiang Mai’s oldest and most famous walking street, this stretch of Chang Klan road was long ago a hotspot for traders who’ d come from faraway lands via the southeast Asian river system, Ping River. Nowadays, it’s even more overrun than ever by haggling foreigners. Bargaining is expected of course. Even Night Bazaar is not a shining star, yet it remains a must-see and goes on every night. Loads of fun cad be had and there are several special great spots nearby, just off the street. The comfortable Kalare Centre is a sensational market all its own, with higher-class wares, a varied food court and free cultural performances. Down the road, the Anusarn Market is the place to for fresh seafood and more of an authentic local feel.


Sunday Walking Street

Held at Tha Phae Gate, Ratchadamnoen Road and Prakoplao Road, in the Old City. Beginning times vary, but the best time to show up is 4 or 5pm. Ends aroud 10pm.

What began as lark few years ago has today morphed into one of Asia’s biggest, best , and most boisterous community markets, It’s like parts social gathering .

What make the Walking Street so special is that it’s blessedly free of typical mass-products.

Virtually most of the things on display is locally hand made by local artisans, often clever art students from Chiang Mai University looking to earn some extra money themselves. Consequently, you’ll find things here unavailable anywhere else. Likewise, the food is often homemade, out-of-the ordinary and downright delicious – snacking as you walk proves virtually impossible to avoid. And finally , street performers are out in full force, so even those who hate shopping may find themselves happily entertained as they leisurely shamble through the heat of the old town.


Saturday Walking Street

Wualai Road, directly south of th Old city. 5 pm to around 10 pm
The little sister to the Sunday Walking Street in coming of age as well. Saturday market is on the “silvermith’s road” may a bit be more charming. After dark, Wualai road takes on a magic, colorful ambience that is enhanced by loads of shimmering silver jewellery on display. Yet silver merchants make up only a small minority of the stalls; in fact much of the same wares found at the Sunday market can be founded here but less variety and less crowded.

Ref: chiang mai 101 magazine; Oct-Dec 2008