Welcome to Sukantara Cascade Resort and Spa

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Men Spa Program

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The program and treatments are created and developed especially for man, employing the finest quality products. This concept is based on men’s body physical or skins are all directly interrelated, representing forces of energy and intelligence which sustain health and well-being in each individual.

(90 minutes @ 2,200 Baht)

Special treatment is developed to purify and promote anti-aging radiant skin, the deluxe offers cleansing, toning, exfoliation and revitalizing mask of chlorophyll series. The select ingredients of lavender and tea tree help in combating oiliness as well as shaving irritation, creating well balanced complexion. Hot towel compress, scalp and foot massage are includes as part of the treatment.


60 minutes @ 2,500 Baht

The herbal enriched traditional Poultice, when applied on the body with hot oil, will enhance the blood circulation, relieve / reduce the pain or tiredness of the muscles and the body. Works deep into your back, shoulder and tensed muscles and leave you in a sense of comfort. A few continuous sessions are recommended if the problem is acute.


2 hours @ 3,200 Baht

The program is created for BUSINESS man, who spends long time on the computer screen. This comprises of a stimulating and sensual Thai traditional massage of head, back and shoulder. Then, the package is completed with hand and Foot reflexology to release tension and increase vitality.


2 hours @ 3,900 Baht

Energize a full body with Vichy Shower plus essence exfoliates that combine’s physical manipulation with natural organic treatment to revive the body and soul. Deep tissues with sport massage focus on stiff, tense and tired muscles. Involve special techniques to warm, manipulate and ease the body to add positive energy and rebalance the nervous system. A scalp massage helps to relax and mind.


2 hours 30 minutes @ 4,900 Baht

A rejuvenating and enlivening treatment that combines body and facial treatment and setting up for healthy men. Natural organic green tea oil and seaweed are used for body exfoliation followed by natural chlorophyll gel facial masque to add oxygen and enhance circulation to skin. The traditional Thai-Aromatic massage with carefully applied pressures rebalances the nervous system. Additionally, special stimulation techniques are applied to tense and tired muscles to rebalance the nervous system.


3 hours 20 minutes @ 6,900 Baht

The unique feature of this Lanna ceremony is its invigorating ‘Toksen’ massage, where the body is tapped rhythmically with a special stick made from the bark of the tamarind tree, followed by a warm compress and oil massage. A fragrant steam bath with organic pure honey and body scrub enriched with northern Thai herbs prepare the body for the soothing effects of this treatment.

Welcome foot ritual – Herbal steam bath with wild honey – Tamarind body glow – Warm herbal compress – Toksen –Warm herbal oil massage – Relaxing head Massage.