Welcome to Sukantara Cascade Resort and Spa

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Bird watching is one of the easiest, enjoyable and inexpensive hobby. You don’t need much equipment and you don’t need to travel very far. If you start off bird watching, you just come to Sukantara Cascade Resort &Spa. Sukantara’s freely Bird-paradise park is just right in front of your eyes with stunning waterfall back drop.

How to enjoy Sukantara’s bird -watching for beginner?

(1) Follow Bird map and checking Bird list: We have a brief explanation of easy-founded birds in our resort,  Sukantara’s Bird map and Bird list in your room.   Spending a little time learning about them, so that you could understand and find them easier. Following the map and try to find all birds in the list.

Bird map of many kind of birds by natural waterfalls in Sukantara Cascade Resort &Spa, Maerim, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Watching birds with your children. You’ll be giving them a lifetime ticket to the theater of nature. It’s a great time to introduce them to their forever friends. Start now!

Birds list: Indian Peacock, Cockatoo, Black- collared Staring, Hill Myna, Sun bird, Shel duck, Mandarin duck, Wood Duck, Mallard Silver Bahama Pintail, fan-tail pigeon, etc.

You also need to teach your children some safety tips. Make sure they know the importance of keeping quiet when they go out bird watching and not to wander off in search of a sitting in dense woods, rocky terrains or near water. You should also make sure he knows not to disturb nests and baby birds.

(2) Borrowing Binoculars: Binoculars are a magical equipment for bird lover indeed. would let you see the birds up close and love them more. Let you see more details like the shape of the white marking around each eye in Mandarin Duck. If you don’t have one, you may borrow us. Pls. contact our front staff.  They would be pleased to help you. Starting with how-to-use-binoculars. Being focus, then starting your journey.

(3) Sukantara’s Bird time line

Early morning, before the crowds, a fair number of species can be seen simply walking around the resort. The forest edge on the eastern side is more open but holds interesting species such as Red-billed Blue Magpie.  More than 30 different bird species have been sighted either by visiting or living in our gardens since the resort has been opened.
4:00pm -Male Indian peacock fanning to attract female in front of the main waterfall during eating time.

6:30pm -Sun set time is the time for all Indian peacocks to fly up to the big trees which are their habitats, so that they could sleep well all night without disturbing from other animals.

Note: Binocular rental service is for resort’s resident guest only.