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The fun Ritual Lantern Festival comming up on November!

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Nov.2016 There is a big ritual lantern festival called “ Loy Kratong” festival. In Thai”Loy” means to float or release and “Kratong” means a circular floating object with nicely decoration of banana leaves, flowers, a candle and incense sticks. The floating of a Kratong is signifying releasing away ill fortune as well as expressing appologies to River goddess.

There are another interesting activity in this occasion. We will release “Kome Loy” in to the sky. The “Kome Loy” is a drum-size lantern similar to a hot-air-balloon. It is made of lightweight rice paper to be able to float in the air, and in order to send it up, a method to heat the air is included by tying a small receptacle underneath the open section of the lantern. Oil is then placed with a cotton cloth. As the oil catches fire and burns, hot air quickly fills the lantern and it soon rises into the air. Some beliefs that flying Kom Loy to the air could also release all wrongdoings, unlucky and sadness. Sooner the new good things will come to life. Wishes should be made before the kome loys were let go.

There are a lot of other activities in this festival. The activities include a procession and Yi Peng Khom Contest as well as various Krathong designing contests. They will be presented on a fantastic decorative parade together with beautiful ladies from Miss Noppamas beauty contest in the same occasion. Lanterns will be posed and decorated around the temples and houses. Arches will also be set up. In addition, various fun fests will be arranged to participate in; for example, Lanna cultural performances, light and sound presentation, boat racing on the Ping River, and floating of Krathongs.

It is also nice to go shopping in style, finding some artistic decorative items, at the famous Nimmanhemin Road. During this festival, there are musical performances, art exhibitions, demonstrations by shops along the Nimmanhemin Road area including Northern plays, and Lanna style market or Kard Mua.

Chiang Mai – Loy Kratong Yee Peng

Schedule November 12 – 15 From Saturday 12th to Tuesday 15th of November

– 9,999 Candles. Lighting candles at Three Kings Monument in remembrance of His Majesty the Late King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

– Beautiful illuminated sculptures around the moat as well as contests for the best decorated front door or front age. Temples will hold ceremonies and special events; Wat Lokmolee, Wat Pan Tao, Wat Srikong, and Wat Chai Mongkon. Sunday 13th of November

– 6.30pm Opening ceremony for the Yee Peng Festival at Tha Pae Gate. Monday 14th November

– The first night Khom Loy or sky lanterns will be allowed between 7 p.m. and midnight. People will also start to float krathongs on the river and moat this night. Tuesday 15th November

– The Grand Krathong Parade. Starting from Tha Pae Gate and finishing in front of the Municipal Offices near the White Chedi

– starting from 6 p.m. Khom Loy are also allowed on this evening as well, until midnight.

November 15th (Tue.) 7pm – 11pm: Grand Krathong Procession at Tha Pae Gate to the Chiang Mai Municipality offices