Unparalleled Facilities & Activities

Facilities & Services

Romantic Dining by Waterfalls

Recently recognized by many Trend magazine as one of “Chiang Mai 50 Best Places to Dine" we are renowned for tropical-inspired cuisine featuring the northern style menu from traditional Thai dinning menus to special Khan Toke dinner where Lanna culture is still practiced.


Fine international dishes are also available for guests who are not get used to Thai spicy food.

Dinner can be enjoyed at the restaurant next to the waterfalls – a feast for the eyes and the taste buds. The menu features authentic Lanna recipes handed down by our grandmothers and sumptuously prepared for a true culinary adventure.

Authentic Lanna (Northern Thai) Kantoke dinner set under candle light by waterfall is a popular set THB 650-/pax.(refillable).

Luxury retreat surrounded by nature.

In CHIIDA SPA, you will feel all over with experienced professional therapists under best practice skillful of Massage techniques who will always give you very gentle caring and pampering service. That is our mind service of THAI way.

 3 Treatment Rooms (30 Sqm./room)
• 6 Treatment Beds 
• Steam & Sauna Room 
• Swimming pool 
• Bath & Jacuzzi Bath 
• Vichy Shower 
• Yoga and Meditation Area (Waterfall Front) 
• Rest & Reading Area 
• Spa Cuisine & Restaurant

Surrounded by nature Swimming Pool

Nestled among the nature and facing-to waterfall is Sukantara breathtaking swimming pool. In addition to our beautifully designed private leisure pool, you might get used to pool by the beachfront but how about having sunbath or swimming in a pool next to a waterfall and river.

Unforgettable Wedding Ceremony

Many couples have sought out Sukantara Cascade Resort & Spa as the venue for their dream wedding and honeymoon. The cascade provides the perfect backdrop for the big day, and the romance of the resort creates unforgettable memories.  


Luxury Lanna architecture, splendid private waterfall, beautiful landscape, intimate and spiritual atmosphere, masterfully decorated rooms, authentic Thai and international cuisine, and gracious service will make a perfect memorable experience for you and your significant other. What you shouldn’t miss for the wedding is delicious premium wedding cake. Fantastic taste is guaranteed.

Inspiration Meeting & Seminar

Not alike other resorts’ meeting or conference rooms, we offer outdoor venues that draw from the inspirational beauty of the Chiang Mai waterfall. Redefine the term “breakout” with brainstorming area next to a cascade. Whether it’s traditional dinning set like “Kan Tok” and international cuisine, Sukantara can provide the perfect ambiance for Chiang Mai casual meetings of small size up to 35 guests.

Converting a panorama suite into inspiring new and waterfall front meeting room, offering panorama mountain views through expansive floor-to-ceiling windows and elegant outdoor covered terraces.  


  • Wireless Internet access and a full inventory of audio-visual enhancements.

  • Outdoor brainstorming area

  • Adventure team building activities such as Trekking

  • Personalized, professional event management and creative catering

  • Nearby world-class golf course


Waterfall Trekking

Active guests will be spoilt for choice when staying at Sukantara Cascade Resort & Spa. One of the most popular activities is exploring the surrounding wonders of nature and a well marked trail meanders through the forest leading to a national park, while the main “Taad Mok Waterfall” is just one kilometer away by car.  


The hiking path starts at the suspension bridge, and once you reach the opposite bank, the walkway joins with a trail that the local Karen hill tribe villagers regularly trek to forage in the forest, where they dig for bamboo shoots, look for mushrooms, find orchids, and collect honey. The walk takes about one and a half hours roundtrip, which as experienced forest trekkers will tell you, is not a strenuous hike.


For guests who would rather take a more leisurely walk with multiple pitstops to enjoy the view, just 15 minutes by foot is a cliff viewpoint where the sun sets against a backdrop of lush green rice paddies. Lining the trail is a plethora of natural wonders which vie for attention and admiration, including wild birds, colorful wild flowers, orchids, and other rare plants. The ongoing forest conservation efforts also mean exotic wild birds are still in abundance. Along the forest path, a patch of bamboo forest flanking both sides of the trail forms a picturesque photo opportunity. The tips of the bamboo clusters gently lean inwards to form a symmetrical arch as if to welcome an auspicious ceremony.  


Walking under the captivating bamboo arches tunnel, just as guests may start to feel the first tinges of weariness, a refreshing mist announces arrival at the main “Taad Mok Waterfall”. Any inklings of tiredness will instantaneously float way with the mist. Like a proud conqueror standing at the highest point of a cliff, guests can lean out and admire the cascade tumbling 20 meters down onto the rocks below and snaking off in a clear stream.

Resort's trekking escort: THB300

Bird list:

Indian Peacock, Cockatoo, Black- collared Staring, Hill Myna, Sun bird, Shel duck, Mandarin duck, Wood Duck, Mallard, Silver Bahama Pintail, fan-tail pigeon, etc.

Bird Watching

Bird watching is one of the easiest, enjoyable and inexpensive hobby. You don’t need much equipment and you don’t need to travel very far. If you want to start off bird watching, you could simply start by packing your bag and come to Sukantara Luxury Eco Resort, A.Maerim, Chiang Mai, Thailand.  


Sukantara Bird’s paradise park is waiting for you to see on your own eyes and learn what we mean by “Surrounded by the love of nature.”


How to enjoy Sukantara’s bird-watching for beginner?

1. Follow Bird map and check Bird list:

We have a brief explanation of easy-found birds in our resort, Sukantara’s Bird map and Bird check list in your room. 

Spending a little time learning about them, so that you could understand and find them easier. Following the map and try to find all birds in the list.  You may be surprised that not only resident birds are on the list, non-resident could be found.

You may borrow resort’s Thailand Bird guide book to check what species they are. If you are not familiar with it, you may consult our staffs, especially Mr.Arun and Yuth (night shift, start working 5:00pm). They are the best local bird watchers in our area. Watching birds with your children. You’ll be giving them a lifetime ticket to the theater of nature. It’s a great time to introduce them to their forever friends. Start now!

You also need to teach your children some safety tips. Make sure they know the importance of keeping quiet when they go out bird watching and not to wander off in search of a sitting in dense woods, rocky terrains or near water while watching. You should also make sure he knows not to disturb the birds, their nests and baby birds.


2. Borrow Binoculars:

Binoculars are magical tools for bird lovers. They would let you see the birds up close and love them more. Let you see more details like the shape of the white marking around each eyes in Mandarin Duck.

If you don’t have one, you may borrow us. Pls. contact our front staff.  They would be pleased to help you start with how-to-use-binoculars. Being focus, then starting your fun journey.

3. Borrow Bird guide book:

Thai bird book guide is like a bible of all species of bird in Thailand is available for you to borrow.  

Why bird guide book is important?  
Whether you’re just getting started or professional, you’ll find it is more fun to determine what species of birds you found. More than 1000 bird species that have been recorded in Thailand.


4. Sukantara’s Bird time line:

More than 50 different wild bird species have been sighted since the resort has been opened.  Due to we are about 1,000 meters height above sea level, wild species such as Red-billed-blue-magpie, Drongo and Bulbul could be possibly found around here.

  • 6-8:00 am , 3-4:00 pm –Early morning and late afternoon, a fair number of species can be simply found around the resort.  

  • 4:00pm -Male peacock fans to attract female peacocks in front of the main waterfall during their eating time.

  • 6:30pm -Sun set is a good time for peacock family flying up to the big trees which are their habitats, so that they could sleep well all night without disturbing from other animals.

  • Private Half day Bird watching & trekking tour at Karen village by our local staff incl. lunch at the village 6:00am-12:00pm, THB 1,500/pax (Min.2pax. , informing at least 7 days in advance)

Eagle Track Zipline

Free transport: 5 min. from resort


For experienced zipliners, try performing the “Superman” move arms and legs spread eagle as you shoot down the line, hooked in from behind to keep your hands free afford a bird eye view of the surrounding. Flying down at up to 30 km. / hr. through Wang Hang Waterfall. 

  • Gold Package (3 hr.)
    35 platforms + Thai buffet + Tshirt THB 2,400/psn.


  • Silver Package (2 hr.)
    20 platforms + Thai buffet + Tshirt THB 1,900/psn.


  • Bronze Package (1 hr.)
    15 platforms + Thai buffet + Tshirt THB 1,600/psn. 8 min. from resort.

Maerim Elephant Home

8 min. from resort

No Hook, No ride. Exploring these beautiful animal lives and being their best friends.

  • Elephant care activities such as Feeding, trekking, washing elephant. @THB 1500/psn/2hr. incl. Lunch + Karen gown and trousers for borrowing.

  • There are 4 rounds (Booking at least 1 day in advance due to limited person @ 15 psn/round)

    • 8:00-10:00

    • 10:00-12:00

    • 13:00-15:00

    • 15:00-17:00